About Danny Showers

I started playing music at the age of seven in my home town of Passaic, New Jersey. I excelled with music through grade school and started a popular music group in high school which ended up in a New York City recording studio making a recording of a record called “The Tears.” Shortly thereafter I was presented with the offer I had been long awaiting. There it was, a shot to play in a hit rhythm & blues group that was prime to be going places. The Group was called the “Swing Kings.” We backed up a lot of great performers such as the “Shirelles,” also from the New York metro area.

Great things kept happening from there. Soon I was performing at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas and in major hotels and country clubs around the world. One of the highlights of my career was when I performed at the Palace of Versailles, in Paris, France for hundreds of international diplomatic dignitaries. Great things continue to happen. Soon I was Program Coordinator for an entertainment group that included coordinating talent of all types which covered the entire country of Turkey. I was able to shape this group into an award winning show that soon went on to perform in Germany. For this group I scored and arranged all of the music and performed duties as the Director.

In the United States I have recently performed in Night clubs and major hotel/country clubs throughout the east coast and Midwest. Major performances were with the regular TV series in Washington D.C., called “Panorama” and most recently extended engagements at The Brown Palace Hotel, Mount Vernon Country Club, the Wellshire Inn, The Denver Center of Performing Arts, as well as several other upscale venues throughout Colorado.